Our Film & Video

Production Process

We share with you our Production Process from concept to completion of your film or video(s). Years of experience working with our clients has taught us the importance of this brief education of what goes into the production of a film or video.

Many people don't know the depth and breadth of what is involved in the creation of a short film or video. As you will see, it is much more than point-and-shoot some clips, throw them into an editing suite, and vualá-you a have something that is going to reach your audience with impact and depth.

We have outlined the steps of our professional & high end production process below.

Film & Video Production Process

1. Ideation, Strategy & Developement

Complimentary 90 min. Client Consultation 

For Serious Inquiries Only!

This is where we begin to lay a good foundation for your film or video. What is your vision and what are your goals for your film or video?

Project Questionnaire

We take great care to learn about you and your business. Our Project Questionnaire helps us to zero in on your business’ needs and produce video(s) that really engage your audience and produce the results you are looking for.


Second Meeting with Client

We take everything from our first meeting together, along with our detailed project questionnaire and create a Project Scope outlining the entire vision and all of the goals of your project.

From here we go over the Project Scope together making sure we are in alignment with your vision and goals. When you give us the go ahead we start with Phase 2 - Pre-Producion.

Script & Storyboard Services Available

Or we can work with your current script or storyboard

2.  Pre-Production

Further refining & completion of Scripts & Storyboards (Were Applicable)

Outlining Schedules

  • Shoot Dates

  • Communication with Talent

  • Individual Scout of Location (Producer scouts location)

  • Scout Location with Client

  • Creation of Shot List

Communicating with Talent

Interviewees, Actors, etc...

Scout Location (Producer Scout)

This is a solo scout of the location. Scouting the location where your video will be shot is very helpful to determine camera placement, audio & lighting requirements and other necessary Pre-Production & Production logistics.

Scout Location with Client

This is to get a greater view & feeling of your business. We want to know what makes you and your business unique? How do you do what you do? We want you to stand above your competition, and scouting the location where we will shoot your video helps us greatly with this!


  • Shot List - During the location scout we also receive a greater detail of specific shots and assets we will need for your video(s). This is where we also determine the camera & gear needed for the shoot.

3. Production


This is where all of the pieces for the filming of your project take place. We set everything up for a smooth, professional & high-end production.

  • Set Design

  • Green Screen or Teleprompter Setup

        (Where applicable)

  • Lighting Setup

  • Audio Setup

  • Camera(s) Setup

  • Preparation of Talent

        Interviewee, Actor or Product Set Up

Action! - Filming

4.  Post Production

The Edit & Creation of Motion Graphics

Post Production is where we bring all of the elements of your film or video(s) together into a unified whole to grab & further deeply engage your audience.

Cataloging Media

Preparing media, audio and motion graphics assets for the edit.


First Assembly

  • Choosing Selects - Choosing the best clips & sound bites from interviews, talent, product shoot, broll etc.

  • Creating Sequences - This process organizes each of the main parts of the film/video (Interviews, Talent, Product Shots, Broll, etc.)



The stages of video editing are sequenced for efficiency.

Each stage builds upon the work that was accomplished

in previous stages.



Rough Cut

The Rough Cut is where the magic continues to unfold! Your story is told with precision & timing, further bringing out the uniqueness of your business or organizing, while deeply immersing your audience into the experience. We continue to flush out the most dynamic parts in your film/video, thereby creating greater depth and impact.

Choosing of Music

We use our skill and expertise in the field of Film & Video Production, along with your desired results and goals in selection of Music Tracks.


Final Cut

  • Cutting & timing of footage is finalized

  • Color Grade (Coloring footage to selected Look/Feel & Intentions/Goals of video)

  • Enhancing of Audio & Inclusion of Sound Effects (Dialogue, Sound Bites, Interviews, Music, etc.)


Creation of Motion Graphics

  • Project Motion Graphics

  • Logo Reveals

  • Bumpers

5. Delivery of Your Professionally Produced Video(s)


Engaging Your Audience with

Impact & Depth